What is Synedrex

The Synedrex pill is slimming supplement that is very new in the supplement market. This pill is believed to cause weight loss and a significant number of people are adopting this new mechanism to get rid of excessive weight. The manufacturer of these pills also believes that anyone can lose weight with no effort. The weight lost per day is said to be equivalent to a 25 minute jog burning up to 278 calories. Despite these claim, many tend to shy away from these supplements as very few, actually delivers.

Being a slimming supplement, it contains ingredient such caffeine, niacin (a B vitamin), Garcinia. Capsaicin is a compound that naturally occurs in chili pepper hence giving them their hotness.

How does Synedrex works

Capsicum and caffeine both being ingredient in Synedrex have thorough scientific back up that they are capable of increasing metabolism in human bodies. In support of this claim, a research was conducted at the University of Oklahoma and results indicated that the participants who used Synedrex had a big percentage of increased calories burning after exercise. More to it, other research done, showed that fat burning effect is more experienced by those people who take coffee that normal tea.

Is Synedrex safe for consumption?

A healthy and energetic body, especially for big bodied people comes with a small price to pay. It calls for vigorous, tough and effective exercises to lose additional weights, in order to acquire and maintain this body. As any other drug or supplement is subjected to scrutiny, this pill is faced with similar challenges. It’s pro and cons are discussed below.


Taking a closer look to this slimming supplement, it is possible to assume that most of people taking these pills spend much of their time thinking about what to eat and, how regular they exercise per day. The helps to develop a routine where one adopt better eating and exercising habits.

If any of these claims are true, this pills increases metabolism, burning more calories during and after exercise. It also reduces the appetite thus decreasing the amount of food being consumed. This pill is believed to suppress the individual’s appetite without any harm done to the body. The ingredients used to make these pills are said to be natural hence free from harmful chemical complications.

To lose additional weight, an individual is required to make several changes like diet, different style and methods of exercising, but for Synedrex pills, none of these changes is necessary. No exercise methods or diet is to be changed since one can lose weight by maintaining the previous practices.


On the other hand, very little facts supporting claims that this pill actually burns calories are available. The small research conducted, of about 25 subjects is far from enough, to stand against medical criticism and scrutiny. It is insufficient to support that adults’ taking this supplement will burn 278 calories each day with or without exercising.

The lack of a structure to reduce-calories meal plan is enough evidence to question the workability of this supplement. A well informed individual, in slimming supplement may rightfully claim that Synedrex is too good to be true, since the manufacturer claim a lots of thing but very few can be scientifically proved.

These pills do not come cheap; many people are using a lot of money to buy them and this trend is worrying. Compared with gym membership price, these pills are very expensive and offers no guarantee if they are going to work.

Another negative issue with this supplement is the fact that, they do not stipulate or indicate if, they can be taken with other medications. This proves to be a big problem since once in a while, human body suffers from various illnesses which requires intake of different drugs.

How the pill works is also contradicting to the real important rule of supplement ability to either double or triple calories expenditure during and after exercise.

The most important question to ask is whether you want to completely depend on this pill, without any exercise or change of diet to reduce the additional weight. If the answer is yes, ask yourself this second question, is this slimming supplement good for my health and fitness, and if the answer is still a yes, then go for it.

I urge you to read my in-depth Synedrex review which will give you a pretty good picture whether you should go for this pill or not.

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